How to use the MyChatbotGPT text generator ?

To generate text for their blog or their various social networks, more and more people are using text generators. These tools allow you to produce quality content in a very short time. Among the free models, MyChatbotGPT presents itself as one of the best choices. If you have a blog, you will now be able to do without the services of a professional web editor thanks to this bot. Find out how to use it in this short guide.

Access the platform and choose the type of service you want

The first step to using an automatic text generator like MyChatbotGPT is to go to the bot platform. While some tools of the same type require a connection before use, this is not the case with this bot. You can use it without entering any data about yourself.

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You can click to try this online chatbot. Once on the platform, you must choose the type of service you want. In this case, you must choose the “Write an article” option. As soon as this is done, the bot takes your choice into account and asks you for more information about your item.

Enter a detailed prompt

The second step is to enter a prompt that describes in great detail the article you want to generate. This involves indicating the title of your article, describing the structure by specifying the number of subheadings H2, H3 and more. In your descriptive instruction, you must also specify the style and tone of your article as well as the writing context.

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With prompt detail, you will be able to receive the text that suits you best. Otherwise, a bad prompt will generate text of poor quality. So pay attention to this step and make sure everything is perfect before starting the text generation.

Write part by part

When your text is long, it is advisable to write part by part. When you have your structure in mind, start by generating your introduction and continue with the following subtitle, from the beginning to the end of the article.

Don't worry about the consistency of your text. The tool being a conversational bot, it will remember what it had written in the previous parts. It will therefore have logic and a sequence of ideas throughout the article.

Proofread before publishing

When you finish generating your text, paste everything into a Word file and edit it before publishing. Proofreading allows you to make sure everything is perfect. First, make sure that the content produced is consistent with the title you provided.

Then check the veracity of the information provided by the bot. However, don't worry about spelling and grammar, since the bot does not make mistakes. If you notice any problem, you can correct it by entering a new instruction.