Artificial Intelligence: what is its use in modern marketing ?

Traditional marketing is increasingly losing its reputation within companies. Today, most institutions opt for digital marketing, which combines the traditional form for greater performance. With the advent of artificial intelligence, some are also using this tool for the most results. But what is the use of AI in modern marketing?

Using AI to create quality content

Content marketing is one of the most used disciplines today for promoting products and services in business. It actually consists of the creation and distribution of quality content on various digital channels. The elements put online are most often:

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Blog articles;

Product sheets;

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Simple images;


Advertising videos, etc.

Content marketing is a very effective approach, but quite time-consuming and requires a lot of financial resources. To make your job easier and reduce costs, using AI is an excellent solution. For example, you can go to to create an AI image.

Some artificial intelligence can also generate texts. They can create advertising content and even quality descriptions. You can also use these tools to create infographics, generate images and other advertising videos for your business. Artificial intelligence can actually take care of all of this in record time. Most of these tools are also free, and for paid ones, you can even get them through a very affordable subscription.

AI for the implementation of the marketing strategy

AI is a dynamic tool that can be used in implementing a corporate marketing strategy. It can actually be used to perform a multitude of actions, including:

Market analysis

Businesses can use artificial intelligence to study the market in order to implement an effective marketing strategy. These tools can actually analyze huge volumes of customer data to extract valuable insights. They can thus help business leaders to define a prospect and even to follow market trends to make appropriate decisions. This can be very useful in understanding customer behaviors, their preferences and needs.

Optimize advertising campaigns

The information collected during data analysis can be used by the company to know the type of products or services that would meet customer expectations. They can also be used in researching keywords for setting up advertising campaigns.

These tools can also be used to automate the analysis of marketing campaign performance and better define KPIs. They are therefore very useful in optimizing advertising campaigns and make it possible to optimize expenses, while improving business turnover.

Better customer support

Customer support is of great importance in business marketing strategy. However, in addition to creating personalized marketing messages tailored to each customer, artificial intelligence can be used to improve the quality of customer service. Many chatbots are in fact programmed to provide key information on business services and respond to customer concerns. These make it possible to better engage prospects and, better, to get them to make purchases.